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CDS Cluster  v.0.4.2

CDS Cluster is a free, OS independent and stable High Availability Cluster software for any device with perl installed. CDS Cluster is powerfull, based on commercial Cluster solutions like Sun Cluster and Veritas Cluster

NBU-Backupcache  v.1.0.20030106

Two Perl-based daemons which implement a HSM (backupcache) for Veritas NetBackup v3.x and v4.5. Backup and restore speed will increase by factors (up to 10-12), while usage of tapes and tapedrives will

Perlvault  v.0.3

Provides a facility with which to duplicate full backup images, onto a defined set of media, and eject the media from a robotic library for disaster recovery in a Veritas NetBackup

Robust and Dynamic Timefinder  v.1.0

This project is an attempt to make an open source, publicly available backup management application that works hand in hand with EMC storage products and Veritas configurations, along with dynamic application layer management for pre and post IO

Bpclientd for NBU Servers  v.1.0

This Symantec/Veritas NetBackUp (NBU) daemon allows a client to run a backup (or other command) on a given NBU server.

VCS Agents and Tools  v.1.0

The goal of this project is to provide plugins ("agents") for the Veritas Cluster Server on an Open Source basis.

NVnetbackup  v.1.20

NVnetbackup (Not Veritas netbackup) is a simple backup system framework for data in an SMB networked environment.

OpenHCMstandard  v.1.2

The European FP6 project CAS delivered the OpenHCM neutral exchange standard to support the exchange of thickness measurements data for ships in service. A consortium was founded in 2010 to manage and promote this OpenHCM standard, in order to

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